Before moving day there are a number of steps you can take to reduce the load and plan your moving requirements. If you follow through the tips below we promise that your move will an easier one.

1. Lighten Up

Moving is the perfect excuse to get rid of things you should have thrown out years ago. Take an objective look at what's in every room, closet and drawer in your home. 

Check your Yellow Pages for non-profit organisations. Many are glad to pick up clothing that is not worn or damaged. A yard or garage sale is another good way to pare down belongings.

2. Take Stock

Now that you've lightened up, get everything organized, packed and loaded neatly into one truck. First determine how many cubic meters of belongings you need to move. This will determine the boxes and truck you'll need.

3. Measure the Big Stuff

Measure the length, width and height of your refrigerator, sofas, armchairs, bureaus, chests of drawers and TV sets. Then multiply those three figures together to get the cubic meters they will take up. 

4. And the Boxable Stuff

Boxables are all glassware, dishes, kitchenware, books, etc. that must be boxed carefully to arrive safely. You can also use one or two wardrobe boxes for long, tall items like golf clubs, backpacks, fire tongs, lamps, vacuum cleaners, etc. 

Estimate how much space your boxes will require, than add room for other miscellaneous items like lawn mowers and other non-boxables. Add all these together to determine how much truck space you'll need.