From familiarising yourself with your rental truck to knowing how to deal with driving fatigue, you'll find this list of tips useful on your next move.

Truck Safety Tips:

  • Know the Controls: Locate and try out the windshield wipers, lights, heat and air conditioning controls, radio and turn signals. Familiarise yourself with the gauges, controls, warning lights and buzzers that surround you.
  • Check Fluids: Always use the correct type of fuel for your truck and check all fluid levels, including oil, windshield wiper, transmission and brake fluids. Check them repeatedly throughout your trip. Your Budget representative will show you how.
  • Drive Comfortably: Adjust the seat and steering wheel to the proper height and angle.
  • Adjust Your Mirrors: The passenger-side mirror will be your only good viewing source for the left side of the vehicle. Adjust the mirrors so that you can readily see either side of the truck and the lanes beside you.
  • Fasten Your Safety Belt: Make sure you always buckle up!
  • Review Truck Manuals: Review the Truck Starting Procedures and Emergency Procedures in your truck's manual.
  • Practice First: Practice driving your truck in an empty parking lot before you begin your trip. The stripes make perfect guides for practicing backing, turning, stopping and parking.
  • Take Turns Slow And Wide: Trucks need more room to turn than cars. Taking corners too fast can cause your payload to shift and possibly cause damage. On exit turns and highway off ramps, slow down to a speed that feels slightly too slow.
  • Brake Early: Trucks need more stopping distance than cars, especially when loaded. Stay back from the vehicle in front of you by at least one vehicle length for every 5 KPH. Watch the traffic ahead of you. The height of the truck gives you a better view of the road; use it to anticipate and react to approaching traffic conditions.
  • Pass With Care: Trucks take longer to accelerate, so allow yourself more time and room when pulling into traffic.
  • Back Up Carefully: Don't back up if you don't have to. If you do, ask someone to guide you from outside the truck. Your Budget representative will show you everything you need to know about safely operating your truck.
  • Watch For Low Clearances: Trucks are tall, so pay close attention to potential overhead hazards, such as low branches, roof overhangs, low bridges or tunnels (watch for posted road signs), drive-through restaurants, banks, hotels, motels, covered petrol stations and even your own house. If you are unsure of the clearance, get out of the truck and look, or ask someone outside to guide you.
  • Our Staff Are Here To Help: If you are unsure about any features of your truck, ask our friendly staff. They will be happy to help

For general information on safe driving in New Zealand and what to do in the case of an accident, refer to Driving in New Zealand.