What you need to know if you’re a renter under 25 years.

Are you a young renter who needs a truck for the week to help move some large items or maybe moving to a new house? Budget New Zealand has you covered!

What vehicles can I drive?

At most locations we allow customers between 21-24 years to rent and drive all our vehicle groups if you’ve had your full valid licence for a consecutive period of 12 months.

Please note certain commercial vehicles require special licences. Visit our fleet page for further information.


Is there a charge?

Drivers aged 21-24 years of age need to pay the Under 25 Fee:



Under 25 Fee


*Maximum daily price includes all applicable fees and taxes and is per driver, per day.


Is a Young Driver Surcharge the same thing?

The Under 25 Fee is also known as a young driver surcharge, age surcharge, young renter surcharge or under age surcharge. They all refer to drivers aged 21 - 24 years of age.


What if I have a corporate or tour reservation?

Reservations made on corporate, tour or other special rates may be exempt from these guidelines. Please check your agreement for full details.


How do I book?

Select your age in the left of the search form and follow the prompts. You will be presented with the cars available to drivers of your age. Unless indicated otherwise, the underage fee should be included in the quoted price. If you need further assistance you can call our reservations team on 0800 58 58 58 and mention you're under 25 years of age.