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DIY and Save on your next big move with these handy tips and tricks to keep in mind for your next moving adventure.


Moving is a stressful time, whether it’s a small one bedroom move using a moving van or a larger 2 bedroom move in a moving truck, we hope to minimise the stress by offering you a range of moving truck rentals and accessories to suit your needs. Check out our large truck fleet to find the truck best suited to your needs. Ready to book? You can book online today!



Before any big move, create a checklist of what needs to be done. We suggest:

  • Purchase accessories such as boxes, tape and bubble wrap.
  • Allocating time and people to help move.
  • Renting the required vehicle necessary for your move. Check out our great range of moving vehicles here.






Room by room

In the lead up to your move pack away anything that you don’t need or won’t be using, such as decorations, shelving and books. In the two weeks before, start to look at packing the majority of your bedroom and kitchen. Leaving perishable items, toiletries and immediate clothing (for the week) last.

Keep in mind when packing fragile items to wrap them in paper and bubble wrap for extra care.

Tip: Use old bed sheets to cushion fragile items and clean socks to wrap glassware when you run out of bubble or paper.

Packing larger items such as white goods and bedframes can be tricky, even when you need to reassemble. A few things which could come in handy:

  1. Mark pieces in order on how to reassemble and tie together with rope.
  2. Protect wooden furnishings with material and pallet wrap.
  3. Fridges, wrap them shut with pallet wrap and don’t forget to secure your washing machine tub to stop it from rotating.

Tip: Using pallet wrap will come in handy for most (if not all) large items and will help you protect your goods.

Caution: Do not take oil rags, dispose of them to avoid spontaneous combustion. Empty all gasoline cans, air them out, then recap tightly. Be sure nothing you move can release dangerous fumes which can taint your other belongings -- or cause a fire.



Load the truck

Those days of playing Tetris has come in handy (finally) – devise a plan on how to load your truck. Remember to try to keep an even load so it’s not unstable by evenly distributing the heavy items.

Tip: Try to get your moving truck as close to the entry and exit point of your house to minimise carrying distance. If you’re in an apartment, get close to the entrance where the lift doors is if possible, and have one person at the bottom of the lift retrieving/packing the items whilst the others load the lift.



Reaching your destination

When you have finally reached your new oasis, it’s time to unload the truck. Unload the larger/heavier items first so you can arrange them in each room and then place all other belongings. This give you an idea on what the room will look like when you have all the large items.



Mi casa, su casa

The job is done!

Relax, unwind, enjoy that cold beverage and order that take away.