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Motor Vehicle Insurance (MVI) is compulsory in New Zealand and is included in most rates.

Most Budget rates in New Zealand include Motor Vehicle Insurance (MVI), which covers part of your liability (as long as you comply with the terms of the Budget Rental Agreement) in respect of loss and certain specified damage to the Budget vehicle and / or Third Party Property which occurs through the use of the vehicle.

However, an excess still applies (unless otherwise stipulated) if there is loss or damage to the Budget vehicle or Third Party Property. This is the amount you contribute towards a claim payment if loss or damage is caused to the Budget vehicle and / or Third Party Property.

The excess amount varies depending on age of renter, type of vehicle, rental location, and rate.

The excess in most cases can be reduced by payment of a daily Excess Reduction Fee (ERF) at the time of rental and cannot be prepaid.

This is not an insurance, but an optional coverage which reduces your excess liability. You are not obligated to purchase Excess Reduction (ER), however, for peace of mind motoring it is recommended.

If you're involved in an accident, please do the following:

  • Stop and check if anyone has been injured.
  • Give all the practical help you can and call an ambulance (dial 111).
  • Immediately notify the nearest Budget rental location (refer to the Rental Agreement for contact information).
  • If Police Officers have not attended the accident, and injury is involved, you must contact the Police within 24 hours and notify them of the accident.
  • If the accident involves damage to property (e.g. a farmer's fence) and the owners cannot be located, contact the Police within 48 hours.
  • Fill in the Budget Accident Report Form, located in the vehicle's glove box. Include the name, address, vehicle registration number, and the insurance company of any other person involved.

For your protection, you should not admit liability under any circumstances.