Some Budget rental locations in New Zealand are operated by or for the company. Others are operated by franchised independent licensees who own their own fleet of cars. Although each of these licensee locations strives to offer the same high level of quality and service, occasionally licensee-owned locations do not participate in some Budget promotions, special pricing activities, or company programs. In addition, licensee rental terms & conditions may vary from those at corporate Budget locations.

Agency Operator:

An Agency Operator is contracted to run and manage the growth and success of a designated Budget location on behalf of the company using corporate-owned cars. Agency operations may use the agent's premises or premises controlled by the company. Unlike a franchise licensee that requires a significant capital expenditure and payment of ongoing royalties. An Agency Operator employs their own staff, but is authorized to rent Budget vehicles, for which the operator earns a commission.

Pets or animals are not permitted in any Budget vehicle, with the exception of assistance and guide dogs for individuals who are visually or hearing impaired or who require assistance dogs for emotional or other forms of support. As with all rentals, additional cleaning fees may be charged in the event the interior of the vehicle requires unusual or unexpected vacuuming, sanitation or shampooing.

If you plan to return your vehicle outside of normal location operating hours (either before or after normal business hours), please make specific arrangements by calling the rental location where you are going to pick up or return your vehicle.

Alternatively, you can contact Budget Reservations to check if this is possible at your requested rental location. Phone 0800-283-438 (toll free) or +64 9 529 7784.

Where possible, Budget provides free local pick-up and delivery from any hotel or motel within five kilometres of a Budget location.

Please contact the rental location to confirm if this service is possible.

Hours of operation vary by location and day of the week. To find opening hours for a location go to Budget Rental Locations in New Zealand and search for the rental location.

If you anticipate a delay in picking up your rental vehicle, please notify us as soon as possible by calling Budget Reservations toll free on 0800 58 58 58 or +64-9-529-7784. Most Budget airport locations will remain open to meet incoming customers who have made advance reservations and who have encountered flight delays. If a customer is delayed, it is our policy to honour a reservation up to 16 hours beyond the stated pick-up time.

Depending on how late the vehicle is returned, additional charges may apply.

Most Budget rentals are based on a 24-hour day, so a vehicle rented at 10AM for a one-day rental is due back at 10AM the next day. However, there is a 59-minute grace period on late returns, so if the vehicle is returned within the 59-minute grace period, there will not be any additional hourly rate charge.

Beyond the 59-minute period, an hourly rate will apply from the scheduled return time and accumulate until it equals the rate of an additional day.

Charges for optional services such as Loss Damage Waiver are charged as full days after the 59-minute grace period.

Please Note: If your rental includes a 'special offer' coupon or has specially discounted rates applied and the vehicle is returned outside the terms stipulated on the offer or rate code, the total rental may be charged at a higher applicable rate.

Budget New Zealand provide free road maps with all rentals. We also have portable GPS Navigation units for rent and these offer updated maps with audible, turn-by-turn directions.

And of course, our counter staff will be happy to assist with directions and travel information.

All vehicles in our New Zealand fleet are designated as no-smoking vehicle.

No, you are not permitted to smoke in a Budget rental vehicle. All vehicles in our New Zealand fleet are designated as no-smoking vehicle.

Cleaning charges may apply if the vehicle is returned in an excessively dirty condition that requires extra cleaning or deodorizing.  This includes, but is not limited to, spillage of fluids, food, vomit, other stains, and unpleasant odours including cigarette smoke.

Budget vehicles may only be driven on paved roads. Off-road driving is prohibited.

No, Budget commercial vehicles must be returned to their pick up location.

No, you will need to arrange your own parking.

Unfortunately, Budget is unable to provide parking for personal vehicles while the owners of those vehicles are renting a vehicle.

Budget rental vehicles are due back at the date and time specified on the rental agreement.

If you need to extend your rental or modify the rental details, you must call the rental location directly. The location's phone number is printed on your rental agreement.

For further information phone Budget Reservations - 0800 283 438.

All Budget vehicles are equipped with all-weather / all-season tires.

Snow tires are not available. Snow chains are only available on request from certain locations during winter months.

Airport Concession Recovery Fees are charged by airport authorities and may apply to rentals starting from or finishing at airport locations.

This fee is added to your rental charges, collected by Budget, and then remitted to the applicable airport authority.

Unfortunately, due to the dynamic nature of our rental fleet it is not possible to request a specific make or model of vehicle.

Examples of the current Budget vehicle fleet can be found in the Vehicle Guide, but the makes and models shown are for demonstration purposes only.

Budget is unable to guarantee a specific make or model. vehicle groups and models may vary by location and may not be available at all Budget locations.

In New Zealand you are prohibited from driving a rental vehicle on the following:

  • Skipper's Canyon (Queenstown)
  • Ninety Mile Beach (Northland)
  • Any unformed roads, including beaches, i.e. roads other than tarseal and metal.

Please refer to the Budget Rental Terms & Conditions for further information on road exclusions.